2013 Reunion Party Draws Big Crowd

The First Annual Reunion Party drew big crowds Aug. 9 An estimated 450 people came out to reunite with old classmates, friends and family. The Friday event was be held in the municipal parking area across from the Palace Theater. Featured class were 1968, 1973, and 1978.

The foundation will be coordinating a gathering for all reuniting classes annually (5 year, 10 year, 15 etc.). Individual classes are welcome to arrange for their own space as they desire around the facilities provided by the foundation. The 2014 Hamburg Reunion Party will be held Friday Aug. 8.

The Hamburg High School Class of 1973 raised $2,300 for the benefit of the Hamburg Alumni Foundation in memory of their 39 dearly departed class members. The class of ’73 has issued a CHALLENGE to upcoming class reunions to follow their lead and continue to raise funds for the benefit of the Foundation, and ultimately the HCSD and students.

For more information email the Hamburg Alumni Foundation.

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