Team of Distinction 1985, 86, 87 Varisty Girls Swimming and Diving Team


Team of Distinction


The Hamburg High School girls swimming and diving team dominated Section VI during the mid-eighties. The Lady Bullfrogs won 54 consecutive dual meets from October 1983 through October 1988. The Sectional Champion teams of 1985, 1986 and 1987 were the culmination of a tradition of excellence that began in the late seventies. The girls won nine ECIC Divisional titles beginning in 1978 and six ECIC Meet Championships beginning in 1980. The HHS Class of 1988 was undefeated from their first modified swim meet to the final varsity meet in 1987. 

After 25 years and despite numerous improvements in swimming training and technique, six individual records still remain. Cherie Benz, Sarah Mumbach, and Trish Griffin hold two school records each. Three relays also remain: 400 freestyle school (Penny Davis, Cherie Benz, Sarah Mumbach, Colleen Bugman), 200 medley school (Colleen Bugman, Sarah Mumbach, Cherie Benz, Julie Andreef) and 400 freestyle pool (Lauren Makeyanko, Sally Haws, Cherie Benz, Penny Davis). 

Row 1: Melinda LaPaglia, Jenny David, Sara Hughey, Jessica Hughey, Beth Krawczyk. Row 2: Shelly Kummer, Cherie Benz, Kelly McNaney, Vicki Piniewski, Jeanne Golebiewski. Row 3: Coach William Malican, Wendy Howe, Emily Leach, Allyson Cook, Kris Almond, Trish Griffin, Kris Hornberger, Kris Mirasola, Sue Ford, Coach Dave Evans, Colleen Bugman. Row 4: Lauren Makeyenko, Sally Haws, Katie Shanks, Captain Lillian Michalko, Bridget Lalley, Cheryl Vanderzell. Missing: Penny Davis, Karoline Henry, Captain Lisa McNaney. 

Team of Distinction 1985, 86, 87 Varisty Girls Swimming and Diving Team