Ed Van Tine


Sports Legend

Ed Van Tine Hamburg Boys’ Lacrosse Coach 1979-2005

“Legend, Guru, Godfather of Lacrosse”, these are some of adjectives that you will hear players and coaches describe Ed Van Tine, not just in Hamburg, but throughout Western New York! Ed is responsible for not only bringing lacrosse to Hamburg, but also starting lacrosse programs at Buffalo State, Canisius College, and St. Francis High School. In 1975, Ed started Hamburg Youth Lacrosse Inc., which laid the groundwork for lacrosse to first become a high school club team, then a full-fledged school sport, and present day being a Western New York and state lacrosse Class B powerhouse! During Ed’s tenure, he produced some outstanding lacrosse players, such as Charles Denecke, Chris Pieczonka, Nate Hill, the Feuerstein’s, and the Resetarits’, (just to name a few) all who went on to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. Many of Van Tine’s former players are now coaching lacrosse throughout Western New York. Ed, a two-time purple-heart recipient (Vietnam), succumbed to cancer this past February.