Distinguished Educator

Mrs. Erma Meisenheimer, Distinguished Educator

“Momma Meis” lived to age 95.  She passed Nov 1, 2004.  She retired from HHS in 1972.  She started as Miss Birdsey 1937.   She was a tall stature, striking woman with white hair and strong directive voice.  She was front and center of many activities.  She was the Senior High English teacher and much more to all of us.

The yearbook was her leadership.  The theatrical performances were at her helm, as was the Make Up Club and National Honor Society.  Social activities such as dances all were with her involvement. She was the one to have influence on us in our last steps of transitioning to adult hood.

She was active in the community and professional organizations, long into her retirement years.  She had those qualities as a teacher that could inspire, stick with you, and help unlock your potential.

She was active in:

  1. AARP – National Chairwomen of committee looking to protect the rights of elderly
    • Traveled to Washington DC to lobby lawmakers
  2. Business and Professional Women’s Club – Named Woman of the Year
  3. NYSERTA – NY State Retired Teachers Association (35,000 member Organization)
  4. Served as President (1st Woman) 1985-1988
  5. In 1995 received highest award of “1995 Certificate of Recognition Award”
  6. Inducted into the Delta Kappa Gamma, International Society for Women Educators
  7. World Who’s Who of Women 10th edition: listed in / awarded certificate of merit
  8. Chairman of 14 member NY State Legislative Committee
  9. In later days of career, spearheaded program to provide remedial reading improvements to Hamburg 2nd and 3rd graders
  10. Hamburg Garden Club, Hamburg Women’s Club, and Hamburg Antiques Society
  11. Active member and leader
  12. Presenter of Programs for Organization Mtgs across the country